Top 10 Berlin Record Stores

Along with Berlin’s fantastic art and fashion, the reason many people come here is because of its place in the global music scene. Arguably the contemporary home of club culture, house, techno and modern dance music. We wanted a real crate digger to compile a list of their top ten records stores, so we got our good buddy, Taylor, the Amadeus record boss, to give us his top 10.

Here goes (in no particular order):

1. Bass Cadet Records


Bass Cadet, on Weserstr in Neukölln, are known for their amazing in store sessions (Floating Points, FIO, Sadar Bahar to name a few). Heavily curated towards House/Techno/Disco/ Afrofunk and Jazz. See more here...


2. Power Park Records


Power Park stocks new and used records, they have plenty of Indie, New Wave and Jazz. Primarily they’re interested in Chicago, Detroit and NY House, and Techno. They’re based in Fredrichshain. See more here..


3. Audio In


Audio In is largely a second hand record store in Friedrichshain. It stocks some pretty great records, lots of House, Techno and Electronic goodies, including the occasional rare Italo Disco cut. See more here

4. Record Loft

The Record Loft is a 2nd hand record store, and you pay roughly discogs prices. It’s one of the largest collections of House, Techno and Grime in Berlin. Prepare to spend a few hours digging here. If you haven’t been it’s a little hard to find, behind a green gate on Adalberstr 9, you have to walk through the first archway and its in the second Hof on your left. See more here

5. Hardwax


Hard Wax (Kreuzberg) is the Berghain of record stores, you’ll likely find regular punters in here. Not to mention that it was staffed by a number of resident DJs. They stock some of the best curated Techno, House, Disco, Afrofunk and more. The record players are equipped with seats, and they even have toilets and a water fountain for the diehards. It’s the kind of place you can spend a whole day if you’re that way inclined. See more here

6. Melting Point


Melting Point is well stocked in Chicago House, NY House and Disco . They also have your standard R’n’B records ,like Gil Scotts (which you obviously need in your collection). The store is located in Mitte. See more here

7. Spacehall


Huge record store in the Bergmann Kiez in Kreuzberg. They stock everything from Ethiojazz to Disco, House to Psych Rock, Jazz to New Rave, and everything in-between. See more here

8. Mitte Musik


Mitte Musik in Fredrichshain stocks some pretty great House and Techno records. As one FB user puts it “What you are searching for might be out of stock at Hardwax, don’t fret, you’ll find it here.” See more here

9. Sound Metaphors


Sound Metaphors (Kreuzberg) is one of my favourite record stores, run by some laidback Swiss Francophones (half of Oram Modular), they have impeccable taste/curation, stocking House, Techno, Bass, Reggae, Afrofunk, Afrobeat, Ambient and more. See more here...

10. Oye


Oye is one of the best record stores in Berlin, they stock plenty of hard to find recently pressed House and Techno records (Records that press around 100 and sell like crazy), along with Funk, Jazz, Disco, Soul and more. They have two locations, one in Neukölln the other in Prenzlauer Berg. See more here..

Honourable Mention: Bikini Wax


Near Kotti they curate and categorise their records extremely well. They stock House genres like: Discoish, Lazy and Soulful, as well as Techno, House, Jazz, Soul & Funk.


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