Top 10 Berlin Cafes

Berlin has increasingly become one of the world’s coffee hubs, the 3rd wave coffee steez hit the city a little late, but the influx of Melbourne/Kiwi baristas has brought along with it, a kind of coffee fanaticism you see in London and Melbourne. A buddy of ours Jontee, who worked at Bundsley ( now closed unfortunately) and is now at Chapter One, has given us a list of some of the most laid back coffee houses. Sans the pretentiousness, but with all the things you want in a good brew.

Here goes (no particular order) :



Laidback Neukölln gem (former Treibholz) cafe with a focus on sustainability and zero-waste that makes a great cup of coffee! Serving seasonal snacks with unusual combos it’s the perfect place to try something new.  Foodies check out their Facebook page to get involved with food & drink workshops that have previously included butter-making and kimchi classes. See more here..

2.Five ElephantDoppel-Berlin-Five-Elephant-Coffee-Cake-cake-and-coffee

Five Elephant Coffee & Cake not only serves great coffee, but their cheese cake is also legendary. Super chill place to eat some fantastic cake, sip some delicious brew and chat to some interesting people. It’s in the Reichenberger Kiez near Görli, so super convenient for post Görli chow downs. See more here


3.Chapter One
Chapter One is in the ritzier part of Kreuzberg, the Bergmann kiez, and honestly its worth making a trip down to Gneisnaustr just for this place. They do some of the best coffee (Espresso, aeropress, cold drip, drip pot) in Berlin, with a very laidback and unpretentious feel. See more here
4.Companion Coffee
An extremely laid back little coffee/tea haunt located next door to Voo. Head for the coffee, stay for the shopping. See more here
5.Candy On Bone
Candy on Bone is one of the most chill cafes/eateries and speciality food stores in Berlin. The food is inexpensive and super tasty, the decor is tasteful and minimal, the staff are friendly, and the coffee is fantastic. It’s also located in one of the nicest parts of the Kreuzkölln kiez. See more here
Super slick, yet laid back cafe, book and media store in Mitte, a place where lots of start uppers meet with investors. Delicious coffee, smoothies and food. See more here..
7.Bonanza Kreuzberg
The Kreuzberg branch of the famous roasters ( also located in Prenzlauer Berg).  They serve perfectly crafted coffee on a Synesso Cyncra coffee machine, which obviously means damn good coffee son! See more here
Laid back cafe and roasters on the canal in Kreuzkölln. Great people frequent and work here, with extremely chilled vibes, it’s definitely a great place for people watching while enjoying a home brew. See more here
Coffee roasters based in Mitte that serve amazing cold brews and plenty of other different kinds of coffee. They’ll certainly fix your coffee craving. See more here
10. Coffee Profilers
Coffee Profilers is a Friedrichshain based coffee house that roasts beans from small, independent farms. They also offer roasting workshops if you feel inclined to brush up on your roasting skills. See more here
Honourable Mention: We love Camon

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