Neighbourhood Guide


Neukölln : One of Berlin’s hippest hoods, loads of bars, cafes and vintage stores. Lots of galleries and artist living here , and some of the cheaper food in the city. Doppel Berlin headquartered here. Also the infamous Tempelhof. One of our Picks if you move to Berlin

Check out: Mama bar and Goldy for cheap beers and great latin/ cuban/afrofunk music in the former.King of Falafel does cheap, healthy and tasty how, Hamy’s a favourite Vietnamese joint. Sing Blackbird is definitely worth going for a shop in as well.



Kreuzberg (pronounced kreutz Berg): Another super trendy hood,with great bars and clubs gentrifying fast, with some areas more family orientated than others. Check out Markthalle 9 on Thursdays for the food market, and check the streets around it for great bars. Our second pick if you’re moving to Berlin.

Check out: the amazing Hallesches Haus for a drink or coffee, Cocolo Ramen for some legit Ramen, Five Elephant for some of Berlin’s best Cheesecake. Schwarze Traube is an amazing cocktail bar, with no menu. Chai Wallahs is also a damn good indian street food joint, with hitting up after a Görli hang.




Friedrichshain ( pronounced Freed-riscch-hine): Former East German neighbourhood famous for it’s clubs and it’s punks. The infamous Berghain is here, along with urban spree and complex around it ( the former warehouses that house clubs, restaurants, a pool and many bars and markets). Fredrichshain continues to have reasonable rents and lots of great food and bars, the grünberger kiez and boxy kiez are worth a walk round. Another place Doppel recommends if you move to Berlin.

Check Out : Coffee Profilers for a coffee, or coffee and brunch at Silo, Kptn is a dope cheap and lively bar. II Ritrovo does dope Pizza, Guora Pakora  is cheap vege chow . Friedrichshain also has amazing record stores, check them out here.






Mitte: Home to the Fernsehturm ( The Berlin tv tower). The central city , or the closest Berlin has. It stretches from Checkpoint Charlie up to Prenzlauer Berg. More gentrified and expensive, but has more fine dining and most of the great boutiques and stores in Berlin, especially round Weinmeister str and Rosa Luxemburg Platz.Our favourite kiez here is round Auguststr/ Mulackstr.

Check out: Klub Kitchen for some amazing chow, St Oberholz and the Barn to work and sip on coffee, A Kind of Guise and A.D Deertz for a bit of a shop.




Prenzlauer Berg: One of Berlin’s nicest neighbourhoods. Still has a lot of cool stuff, but more geared at young families and those with a bit more cash. Nice change from the more rugged and grimey Neukölln’s and Kbergs. Lots of great food and boutiques this way too. Home to some of Berlin’s swankiest stores and best cafes. Also home to the infamous Mauerpark which is a flea market, and space for all sorts of street musicians and performers.
Check Out: Bonanza and Roststatte  for some of Berlin’s best coffee, Paul’s Boutique for tonnes of shoes, and vintage clothing, Shiori for some scrumptious Japanese chow.





Charlottenburg: Western Berlin, safe and more expensive. A lot of the universities are out this way so has a more studenty vibe.

Check out Kantstr’s famous Asian mile with favourites like: Kuchi and Papaya.Also check out the most unmally mall of them all, a mall that houses boutiques and vintage stores, not big brands: Bikini Berlin.




Schöneberg: One of the West’s most famous hoods, the home of Nick Cave and David Bowie during both their times in the city. This hood has great markets, nice bars and good food shopping.


Check out one of our favourite cafes in this hood: Double Eye Cafe and Ixthys and for fantastic Korean food. Martha’s does contemporary gastro german food.Don’t forget to check out Jones ice cream whilst you’re there too. (Some of the best in Berlin, our cofounder has been known to ride over just for that.)



Wedding: (pronounced Vedding): Berlin’s ever coming up hood. All my friends from Berlin tell me “people have been saying it’s the next Neukölln for 10 years”. Still very much coming up, one of the cheapest hoods in Berlin and boasts some cool bars, and underground clubs. Totally a place worth living if your moving to Berlin.

Check out: Humboldthain for clubbing, The Forsberg for a chill beer with good company, Savvy Contemporary for some amazing art or Panke for a mixture of art ,beers, hangs and interesting people.



Moabit: Another up and comer, but still a nice neighbourhood with some great foods and few good watering holes.

Check out Eisbox for additive free ice cream and Paris-Moskau for an amazing French-German dining experience in a quaint out of place house, in an otherwise very official government/ Reichstagy area.




Treptow is on the border of Neukölln and Friedrichshain, it’s a winner for its massive park Treptower park, its relavitely cheap rent and nice green spaces, not a lot here but check out Nah Am Wasser Gebaut for a decent chill cafe and Rumpsti Pumsti for a record dig. Also home to the nightclub Else, which hosts great daytime summer parties.



Lichtenberg is east of Friedrichshain, another up and comer area, with cheaper rents, large spaces and tonnes of artists and Germans.Check out the club Rummelsburg Bucht in this area.


For more info on places to eat, bars, cafes and whats going on in these hoods check the rest of the blog out.