German Language Schools and Learning


 German Language Learning:

  • Volkshochschule: Is a community college/ state school, which does 69€ a month courses.
  • Goethe Institut: The prestigious German equivalent of a Confucious Institute. It is very costly about 1000 Euro for one month of intensive courses
  • Berlin’s Start UP Guide: Has a link to a teacher, who for 4000 Euros will get you to C1 in one month.
  • Speakeasy Sprachzeug: 245 Euro for a months intensive learning. Fredrichshain
  • Die Neue Schule: four weeks for 380 Euros , 20 lessons a week!Wilmersdorf.
  • Sprach Salon: A four week course sets you back 710, and has a small 7-9 person course. Neukölln
  • Berlasco: one to one lessons for 45 Euro an hour.
  • Die Deutschule: 188 Euros for 4 weeks based in Neukölln.
  • Deutsch Akademie: 5-10 people classes 225 Euro/ month in Alexanderplatz.
  • Expath – 150 EUR for A1 course and 240 EUR for the rest. Neukölln.
  • BSI Language School – 180/195 EUR per month or more if you need a visa. Neukölln.


Tandem Partners:

If you want to find a buddy to speak with in German then English, so you can both improve your language skills.


 Learning Online/ Apps

  • Babbel: a great online tool that brags it has helped 100’s of users become polyglots
  • Rosetta stone: the original tool to learn on your computer.
  • Fluent U– Watching videos and learning interactively
  • Duo Lingo – App based learning, one of the best at 10 minutes a day.
  • Memrise– Another online learning platform
  • Deutschewelle– Offers pretty amazing courses from A1 right through to C2, all online.