Banking & Cellphone Plans



1. Banks:

The best banks in Germany offer much less complicated sign up processes, free accounts and withdrawals and often sign up bonuses.

  1. ING & DKB- often offer 50 or 100-euro sign up bonuses, if linked by current members- try asking on “Free your stuff berlin” and a member usually happily obliges. Both online banks have a relatively simple sign up processes. Minimum deposits of about 1000 EUR per month unfortunately.
  2. Number 26– A fantastic start up bank ( secured by another bank) they offer free withdrawals abroad and in Germany and a super simple interface, which makes paying bills much easier than the traditional banks. No other banks let you get free cash out at any atms, this is a HUGE help!

2. Transferring Funds to Germany:

Using third party forex sites to transfer cash will save you anywhere from 5-20%. Whether it be Dollars, Pounds, Yen or any other currency into Euro’s . There are a few providers that beat the bank fee’s:

Transferwise is my pick of the bunch, they are the easiest and fastest. Use this link and get your first transfer free.


3.Cellphones (Handy)

Largely companies offer prepaid- no minimum contract, and Plans with 12 or 24 month plans – which are just cheaper month by month.

Simyo– Offers 1GB and 200 Mins or SMS for 14.80 Euro a month for no minimum. For 24 months its 11.90. ( What Im using currently- one of the cheapest, top up online)

Congstar- Offers 1GB and 9cents calls for 11.90 EURO- which you can add 100 minutes to for 3EURO or for 20EURO get 3GB.

Aldi- Prepaid/ no minimum 400MB and 600 Minutes/SMS for 13EURO

Or 15GB for 15EURO

Blau- Offers prepaid- 450 Min/SMS and 450MB for 15EURO

O2– Offers 1GB and 200 Minutes for 20EURO no minimum term

T Mobile-Offers 500MB and flat 9cent calls for 9EURO

1&1– Offers prepaid 2GB and 9 cent calls for 20EURO and you can add more minutes for 5EUROS

Eplus and Aldi– offer rates of about 7EURO a week for 100MB but available Europe wide if you’ll be in and out of Berlin a lot.