Events in Berlin


RA for Electronic Music/ Clubbing Events.

Meet Ups, for tech, talks, language, sport and more.

Couchsurfing also has events for its users.

Use Nearify for events near you.

Neukolln Shopping Nacht– Is one of my favourite events in Neukölln, every few months, shopping, galleries, bars and more.

48 Stunden Neukölln – Is an art gallery, art space crawl.

Berlin Events – Has Berlin wide events like May Day and Kultur de Karneval.

Exberliner‘s Calender of events.

Eventful Berlin – Mainstream bands and concerts in Berlin.

Songkick – has band listings, djs and more in Berlin, and comes in App form.

Eventbrite Berlin– Random events calendar, things like Holi in Berlin.

Soon Berlin – Is a calendar including bite club, different foodie events, gallery openings , performance and more. 

Bite Mojo After work bite tours, check out 3-4 amazing bites at different restaurants and deli’s ( take two friends and its free for you!) 

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