Doppel Pick:Bundsley

BUNDSLEY IS NOW CLOSED 🙁 .. Watch this space , Jontee head barista has moved to Chapter One.

What can I say? I stumbled across Bundsley in a rather unexpected way, let’s just say if you like friendly/cheeky Kiwi service and the Black Madonna, you’ll love Bundsley. They serve some fantastic kiwi coffee  ( yer we invented the flat white, not aussies) and gluten free cakes. Jontee the main man in there, is a jovial and charismatic character, go in and say hi and join his Black Madonna fan club. They will also serve toasties out their kitchen window during the evenings, for those of you needing some homely toastie chow after staggering home from some of the Weserstr bars.

OPEN: Mon-Sat 8-6pm

Weserstraße 44, 12045 Berlin









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