Top Ten Shops in Berlin for Men

As I’m sure most people are aware, Berlin is one of the best places to buy some great kit. While people certainly talk about the ‘Berlin uniform’, you’ll find that Berlin is home to so many different styles and looks- that’s what makes this city so goddamn quirky.

So whether your looking to purchase your Berlin starter pack uniform, or just looking for some fresh threads, we’ve picked out ten of our favourite stores, and chucked in two extras just for good measure. So get outdoors, grab your Maestro card and enjoy.

Now to the list (in no particular order):



SOTO is one of the best known streetwear stores in Berlin. Located in Mitte, they offer a great selection of brands, ranging from Acne to Illesteva, Folk to Saturdays NYC. See more here

2. DBR (Down By Retro)


DBR is a great clothing store that sells second hand and new goods. Not only do they sell clothing, but also records and other bits and bobs. Highly recommend heading there for a browse. See more here

3. Voo


Voo store is trend capital. They boast a gamut of streetwear and high end goods. Companion Coffee also opens up onto Voo, creating the perfect place for shopping and sipping hot drinks. See more here

4. Civilist


Civilist is a streetwear/skate shop that also acts as an urban art gallery. Located in Mitte, certainly worth a geez! See more here

5. Firmament


Streetwear the name of the game at Firmament, they stock Stone Island, Visvim, Porter and their own house label… See more here

6. Trueffelschwein


Trueffelschwein is a great men’s boutique. These guys focus on quality and the aesthetic through offering some big name brands, as well as some lesser known boutique brands. Stocking stuff from Howlin’ by Morrison, Universal Works, and YMC.. See more here

7. Sing Blackbird


Sing Blackbird is one of the most famous secondhand stores in Berlin. Located in Kreuzberg, they only have a small selection on men’s clothing, but its always worth checking out. You can also swing by and just hangout at their cafe. See more here

8. fein und ripp


fein und ripp started when the founders stumbled across a warehouse full of vintage workwear dating back to the 1920’s. Some amazing one off stuff and a unique shopping experience. See more here

9. Wood Wood and Wood Wood Annex


Wood Wood is a very well known and respected Danish streetwear brand that is going from strength to strength. They not only sell their own clothing, but also a number of other streetwear brands. Wood Wood Annex next door focuses on kicks, so the whole complex covers all your fashion needs. See more here

10. A Kind of Guise


A Kind of Guise is a German brand from Munich. Their Berlin store is based in Mitte and is extremely well designed. See more here


Whenever we order burgers, we always add extras. So we deemed it necessary to add some extras to this list:

+ Lunettes Selection

The perfect place to get some glasses for all your outdoor activities. See more here

+ Overkill

The elysian fields of sneakers. See more here



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