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Van Liebling

Streetwear shop in F’hain combining rad fits and contemporary music. The place has its own independent, record label with seven electro/deep house/dance artists and producers. Van Liebling’s own collection is designed and produced in-house all year, but they also stock men and women’s clothing by OH DAWN, Creation, Bleed, Libertine Libertine, and others. OPEN […]

Boutiques & Clothing Stores, Neukölln, Schiller Kiez, Stores

Rita in Palma

A small boutique providing the Turkish women of Berlin with community, opportunity and good paying jobs. They put their traditional handcraft skills to work creating luxury couture accessories, made and sold in Neukölln. OPEN Mon-Fri 10-5 and on individual request Website Kienitzer Straße 101, 12049 Berlin 030 85748930  

Boutiques & Clothing Stores, Boxhagener Kiez, Fredrichshain, Stores


Wicked cool shop packed with alternative fashion and accessories from their own label and independent, international brands. Nothing in here is like anything you’ve seen before. A worthy Facebook review: “Trashy Funky 90’s raver wear – a small paradise with super super sweet luscious ladies attached to it!” OPEN Tue-Sat 12-6 Website […]