Doppel Pick: Bottega Nr. 6

Really delicious home cooked authentic Italian pasta and antipasto. Super homely and welcoming, they owners are italian guys who don’t so much have a menu as ask what you like and cook you something based on your dietary needs and what you like. They are really chatty and friendly and have some of the best italian wines, meats , pastas and more. They even dolled out some free shots when we were out the door. A must visit.

Richardstraße 6, Neukölln Berlin




Doppel-Pick-Bottega-Nr.-6-food Doppel-Pick-Bottega-Nr.-6-italian-food Doppel-Pick-Bottega-Nr.-6-pasta Doppel-Pick-Bottega-Nr.-6-meat-board Doppel-Pick-Bottega-Nr.-6-store-inside  Doppel-Pick-Bottega-Nr.-6-menu-board-1

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