Doppel Pick: Gordon Restaurant and Records

Gordon Cafe is blossomed into a fully fledged restaurant, they’ve moved into a bigger premises next door to the cafe. We went to check out their new menu and it’s fantastic, some of the best Middle Eastern chow in the neighbourhood (softest Pita’s we’ve had in Berlin). They’ve also got a fantastic vamped up drinks menu, colour coded with some of the most original cocktails in Berlin. At the back of the restaurant they still have some nifty techno and house records and will often invite djs in to come in play a chilled dinner set.

Doron’s (the owner) is also a super nice guy, definitely worth checking out their label Legotek.

A Doppel Pick,highly recommended!

Near Leinestr u-bahn in the Schiller Kiez.

Mon-Thu:12 – 4 pm & 6-10,Fri: 12- 4 & 6-12am Sat: 12-12 Sun: 12 – 10 pm

Allerstraße 11, 12049 Berlin








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