Doppel Pick: Geist im Glas (CLOSED )

Geist is gone! Doppel’s bummed about it too!

Geist im Glas is an awesome cafe-cum-bar that serves what are commonly referred as the some of the best pancakes in Berlin… We agree. On top of their delicious brunches, they mix up sumptuous cocktails and serve delightfully frosty beers.

Lenaustr 27, 12047 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Doppel-Berlin-Geist-Im-Glas-pancakes Doppel-Berlin-Geist-Im-Glas-outside Doppel-Berlin-Geist-Im-Glas-pancakes-2 Doppel-Berlin-Geist-Im-Glas-pancakes-3 Doppel-Berlin-Geist-Im-Glas-dumplings Doppel-Berlin-Geist-Im-Glas-eggs Doppel-Berlin-Geist-Im-Glas-cocktail


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