Best Bars In Prenzlauer Berg

Best Bars In Prenzlauer Berg:

Becketts Kopf – Becketts Kopf is a red velvet draped speakeasy in Prenzlauer Berg. Entry is on Pappelallee 64, behind an unmarked door. Go peruse the extensive cocktail list which includes 50s style cocktails, or get a cocktail made based on your tastes.
Scotch and Sofa –Retro furnished cocktail bar with grandparental style decor and wallpaper.
WohnZimmer Bar –Starting out as one room, and eventually expanding to a full house, it has a full kitchen with all the bells. Serves coffee and light brekies in the day times. House party vibes in this establishment.
8mm – Punk and New Wave music in this bar, occasionally a touring band member jumps behind the decks here.
Le Croco Bleu –  Le Croco Bleu is a cocktail bar with wacky decor, taxidermy bears, pink lighting and assortments of unmatching furniture. Owned by Gregor Scholl, the owner of Rum Trader, it’s housed in an old brewery. Their rare gin collection is impressive, as are the cocktails that fly out of the small cubbyhole bar, their Acu Acu a particularly potent blend of aged rums, orgeat and absinthe is worth a try!
Prater Garten Bar – Near Eberswalder str Prater has served beer under the shade of chestnut trees since 1837,making it Berlin’s oldest beer garden.
Perlin Wein Bar – Perlin is a cozy wine bar where you pay 2€ for a glass then help yourself to the wine on offer. Food comes in two choices, meat or vegetarian, both hearty offerings for the suggested 8€ cost. When you are done, simply cough up what you feel your evenings was worth.
Bryk Bar – Speakeasy type bar serving sexy cocktails with unique flavor combinations. Small bar-chow menu with really tasty popcorn. Cosy but classy atmosphere inside and out.
Kapitalist – Unique, relaxed bar and cafe. Simple, not too trendy, and makes a great Moscow Mule.
Badfish -Is NYC styled Whisky bar, with cocktails and craft beers as well. They offer popcorn as the bar snack and do fucking tasty frozen margarita. It’s a pretty chilled joint, with friendly staff and its open pretty late.
Hausbar – Trendy dark cocktail bar in Prenzlauer Berg, serving herbal extract alcohol.